Access and Scaffolding Services

Access and scaffolding are critical to a safe and successful project. Redi Solutions safely provides OHSA-compliant access equipment, installation services, inspections and maintenance across every industry. Through our parent company, Safway Group, we have the ability to tap into the largest research and engineering department in the industry to help us design the most efficient and cost-effective access solution for your unique project. Our highly qualified, skilled and trained labor receives annual competent training, and all scaffolding is checked and tagged for OSHA compliance. We understand that demanding conditions require an experienced scaffold company that will not only move the project forward but will also perform the work in the safest manner possible.

Redi Solutions has designed and engineered access solutions for boilers, towers and structures above 120 degrees. Often, these power projects can be extremely demanding. We understand that with boiler access, every minute counts on these critical path projects. Redi has delivered comprehensive access solutions on many boiler projects that require a large amount of manpower for the build out and tear out. Fortunately, Redi has the ability to move manpower from project to project and can provide skilled labor to meet the most demanding schedule.

Redi Solutions has been providing scaffolding to the mining industry for over 15 years. Mining activities are not only overseen by OSHA Regulation but also MSHA, adding a second layer of safety requirements. To efficiently meet your needs and all necessary requirements, Redi Solutions has an on-staff MSHA trainer to allow us to respond quickly with the highest level of expertise.

Refinery access requires high levels of coordination during turnarounds and capital project. Redi Solutions has performed numerous outages and turnarounds, and we understand the need for strict timelines and coordination.

Redi Solutions is also experienced in delivering efficient access at gas plants. Often these tall columns require scaffolding for the installation of piping and insulation.

Whatever the application, Redi Solutions has the experience and trained workforce to deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective access and scaffold solutions. We can provide hard dollar bids to T&M budgets for all of your scaffolding needs.

Call us and let us know how we can asset you in performing your work safely.